Titan Chamber, Xiniu Cave (Guanxi) - China China Caves 2013 3D Project Expedition Team - 12.09.2013


I measure caves because "Measuring the World" is my life mission.
I visit caves because they represent the most beautiful places on the planet Earth, and being among the few who can actually visit the underground Space makes me feel very privileged.
I study caves with the effort of restoring the third dimension into the human mind.
I seek refuge in caves to satisfy my need for e-vasion (or in-vasion?) towards pure and untouched Space, other than the “earthly” one I am daily living in.
I explore caves by upside down Space missions; I do not, however, prefer to tell much about it, because of my defensive instinct, perhaps I still believe it isn’t worth it.
I visit caves with the eyes of a speleologist, not a caver.
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The Grandissima Frana Chamber- Su Bentu Cave, Sardinia (Photo: Riccardo Deluca)

Misuro le grotte perché la "Misura del Mondo" è la mia missione di vita.
Frequento le grotte perchè rappresentano i luoghi più belli del pianeta Terra, ed essere tra i pochi a poterlo fare mi fa sentire fortemente privilegiata.
Studio le grotte nell'ambizioso tentativo di contribuire alla restituzione della terza dimensione alla mente umana.
Cerco rifugio dentro le grotte per soddisfare il mio bisogno di e-vasione (o in-vasione?) verso Spazi puri e incontaminati, diversi da quelli "celesti" che frequento quotidianamente.
Esploro le grotte attraverso missioni spaziali al contrario, ma non amo raccontarle tanto per istinto di protezione o, forse, perché credo che ancora non ne valga la pena.
Visito le grotte da speleologo, non da grottista.

(una che ha anche le iniziali del nome sottosopra e riflesse)   

“It’s like The Matrix”
Amazing 3-D Tour of a Chinese Supercave

Thank you Andy for the great opportunity. Thanks to Jane, Erin, Tim, Roo, Mark, Mike, McKenzie, Peter for the unrivalled experience.
Thank you very much Carsten.

A waterfall hundreds of feet underground in Hong Meigui—one of the largest cave rooms in the world—signals recent rainfall on the surface above. Over centuries, the gradual drip of water has helped form the caverns’ stalagmites, like that on the left.
China Cave 3D Survey Project 2013 - The beginning


The Grandissima Frana Chamber- Su Bentu Cave, Sardinia (Photo by Riccardo Deluca)

Su Bentu Cave Expedition - 12-15 January 2012

Next 26-29 April the historical mining town of Iglesias (Sardinia, Italy) will host the 2nd International Symposium on Cave Mines. The event will be held at the Monteponi Mine - "Bellavista Palace" premises. Many experts in the field of Speleology, as well as eight internationally renowned scientists and professors, are contributing to the Symposium.

Although the definition "mine cave" might legitimately be questionable by scientists in the field, this type of caves are frequent in Sardinia, mainly because of the peculiar geological and ore deposit context of the Island, characterised by extensive polysulfides mineral deposits often included in carbonate bearing rocks (metalloids). Sardinia certainly is a cave rich region: one of the most important and best known for its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness is the cave of Santa Barbara, by chance discovered during the mining acitivites at the San Giovanni mine, Iglesias.

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Some hints on utilising GPS techonolgy in speleology
Unfortunately the paper is in Italian. I'm working on the full translation into English.

Available on the new Leica Geosystems Customer Magazine
Reporter 66, May 2012



Nelle vene della terra
Bello, davvero bello l'articolo del grande Lamberto Ferri Ricchi sul numero di Luglio 2012 di Mondo Sommerso.
credit: Mondo Sommerso n.7 2012
Le stagioni esplorative speleosubacquee degli anni settanta assieme alle numerose pubblicazioni di carattere tecnico scientifico hanno reso più familiari le grotte sommerse. Un meraviglioso ricordo dell'esplorazione della risorgenza di Cala Luna nel 1970, che ha rappresentato una tappa fondamentale della speleologia subacquea.