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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The DASS has been cast !

Founding of the Sardinia Aerospace District- DASS

CAGLIARI, OCTOBER 15 2013 - As a member of the Organising Committee, I am pleased to announce the founding of the Sardinia Aerospace District (DASS).
15 public and private partners have signed the company statute, which aims to developing research initiative that could bring development and employment to Sardinia, which can already boast more than 40 years of national and international activity within the aerospace industry. 
Revenues will be reinvested in the company's research, development, education and outreach, seeking to enhance the Sardinian research system at regional, national and international level. The DASS aims to create the conditions for growth and development of the Sardinian companies in the sector, encouraging the enhancement of new small and medium-sized companies throughout and extensive collaboration, support research programs, promote higher education and training for the aerospace industry. The most important national research centres, the two Sardinian universities, the National Research Council (CNR) and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INAF) are also members of the cluster, together with the Sardinia Government. The DASS is already part of the Italian National Aerospace Cluster. 

It's with great pride I share this news with you all.