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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Changing the economics of Space

The Space Systems are in our imagination an area of ​​enormous innovation, with a strong emotional connotation, which give a contribution in the "Value" almost infinite. Space associate unique capabilities that range from the most noble purposes and rich ethical connotations, such as the monitoring of environmental resources and land, to the less "noble" uses such as military, speculation on raw materials and so on.
This value associated with unlimited space activities has undoubtedly allowed, in recent years, enormous progress. The NASA programs of the 60 available to virtually unlimited budget and this has enabled the start of human exploration of the universe.
This approach, however, is gradually went into crisis, whereas the competition for economic resources, mainly public, forced him to abandon this model in infinite resources without the fund, except for a few exceptions, knew it.
These bad habits are also reflected in the Italian space industry which, despite having a history of excellence, is not without its shadows related to 'state industry and the choices of the most appropriate continental alliances.
A crisis, certainly accelerated by the global financial crisis, which offers an opportunity to review the space industry in its fundamental and release capacity of our industrial system to date badly used.

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