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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Symposium on Mine Caves

Next 26-29 April the historical mining town of Iglesias (Sardinia, Italy) will host the 2nd International Symposium on Cave Mines. The event will be held at the Monteponi Mine - "Bellavista Palace" premises. Many experts in the field of Speleology, as well as eight internationally renowned scientists and professors, are contributing to the Symposium.

Although the definition "mine cave" might legitimately be questionable by scientists in the field, this type of caves are frequent in Sardinia, mainly because of the peculiar geological and ore deposit context of the Island, characterised by extensive polysulfides mineral deposits often included in carbonate bearing rocks (metalloids). Sardinia certainly is a cave rich region: one of the most important and best known for its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness is the cave of Santa Barbara, by chance discovered during the mining acitivites at the San Giovanni mine, Iglesias. 

More information at http://www.international-symposium-on-mine-caves.org/
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