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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Pinuccio Sciola

What a special day is today! Is the 70th birthday of a very special Man, a real gift of Nature to the human World.

Happy birthday my friend, I wish you other 70 of seventieth birthdays, which means at least other 4900 years of your precious life!

Pietre e amore
(Pinuccio Sciola)

Pietre dure                        Pietre naturali                              Pietre e sole
Pietre mute                       Pietre scolpite                              Pietre e acqua
Pietre sonore                     Pietre violentate                           Pietre e vento

Pietre di montagne              Pietre da ammirare
Pietre di fiume                    Pietre da accarezzare
Pietre di mare                     Pietre da amare